LEGO City Police Boat
  • LEGO City Police Boat

LEGO City Police Boat

Drama on the high seas

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    Close up of policeman

    " You are under arrest!"

    The LEGO City Bank has been robbed and the criminal responsible is making his escape on a little red jet ski. Sounds like a job for the LEGO City Police Boat! Break out the blues and twos and make your best siren noises as you bounce this awesome boat along your living room carpet.

    Complete with 2 police officers and a host of crime-fighting kit (life vests, handcuffs, walkie talkie and scuba gear), this swift-looking craft is so solid it will actually float on water. So once you’ve built it, try it out in the bath. Or better yet, your local duck pond! Just make sure it doesn’t bob out of reach of the long arm of the law (or the long pokey stick of the law).

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