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LEGO City Pen

Creative writing

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    Stuck for new ideas? Get your creative juices flowing by building your own biro! The body of the LEGO City Pen is made from all sorts of well known LEGO components and can be dismantled and reassembled in any combination you choose. Build something that looks the business, or that sits well in your hand – as with all things in the LEGO Universe, you have control.

    Unscrewing the base Adding LEGO parts to the pen Twisting for the pen tip

    Unscrew the base

    Rearrange or add to your LEGO parts

    Twist the end for the pen tip

    The LEGO City pen comes in two styles: Police and Rescue. Each one features a distinctive Minifigure character head and helmet, along with all sorts of other relevant bits and bobs. They’re packed at random, so you won’t know which one you’ll get until it arrives. Collect the pair (or swap them with your friends) and chop and change the components for an even more distinctive set of doodlers. Now that’s creative writing.

    City Policeman version


    City Fireman version

    More detail and specification