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LEGO City Keylights
  • LEGO City Keylights

LEGO City Keylights

Lightfooted little icons

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    bigger than your average minifigure

    A handy little keyring to have

    Unless they start your Ferrari or open Fort Knox, it’s difficult to get excited about keys. For this reason we are forever seeking out exciting new oojamiflips to hang beside our clinking danglies – and here’s a trio of humdingers in the form of LEGO City Keylights.

    As you can see, these cute little keyring attachments are fashioned to resemble LEGO City Characters. They’ve even got posable arms and legs, and a keychain attachment coming out of their helmeted noggins. But wait, there’s more, because these officially licensed fellows double up as torches. Brilliant, eh?

    Simply press the logo on their tums and gleaming LEDs in their feet will shed light on keyholes, fuse boxes or whatever else you happen to be scrabbling around for.

    Slightly taller than a normal LEGO mini figure, a 7cm LEGO Mini Keychain Torch is a quirky little present for anyone with a set of keys and a sense of humour. And seeing as you’re gawping at this page, we’ll assume that means you.

    all 3 of the characters



    Construction Worker

    Forget about phone apps and similar high tech diversions; with a posable LEGO City Policeman, Fireman, or Construction Worker dangling about your person you’ll never be bored on the daily commute. You can put his arms in the air, goal scorer style; goose step him along your knee; make him do the splits; sit him down with both beams blazing - the possibilities are endless. All right, they’re not, but at least fellow commuters will have a laugh. And when the joking is over you’ll have a handy emergency torch. Brilliant!

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