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LEGO City Airport
  • LEGO City Airport

LEGO City Airport

Cabin doors to manual

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    LEGO Plane

    Get inside the cabin of the jet

    Building an airport is harder than it looks. Just ask the bozos behind Terminal 5. Failing that, have a go yourself and get the whole family involved with the brilliant LEGO City Airport.

    This award-winning playset lets you construct your very own terminal, complete with minifigure passenger, revolving doors, ticket desk, X-ray machine, café, lounge and control tower. There’s even a baggage cart and driver to whizz your luggage to the LEGO passenger jet. Of course no journey would be complete without flight crew (unless they’re on strike) so the good people at LEGO have also included a pilot, steward and flight attendant. ‘Cabin doors to manual!’

    LEGO Plane

    Ready for takeoff

    With 703 pieces this luxe set is the perfect plaything for kids obsessed with travel. You can even pretend it’s a real airport by ripping off passengers at every opportunity and delaying departure for umpteen hours. What fun! But hurry, this incredibly immersive playset is due to depart from our stock room on the double. Thank you for flying with LEGO.

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