LEGO Brick Light
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LEGO Brick Light

Gleaming tribute to a design classic

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    Along with Vikings, Hans Christian Andersen and Whigfield, LEGO has got to be one of our favourite Danish exports. So we thought we’d celebrate this (completely made up) fact with a funky little light that looks just like a classic LEGO brick.

    As you can see, the battery-operated LEGO Brick Light has a quartet of white LEDs hidden within its stud sections. Use it as a bedside light, mount it on the wall (idiot-proof mount included), under shelves or carry it around as a kind of quirky torch. You can even use it to illuminate your LEGO creations. Kids, toy freaks, failed architects and mad campers will love it.

    Requires 3xAAA batteries - not included The Lego Brick Light wall mount Lego Brick Light on the desktop

    Requires 3xAAA batteries
    (not included)

    Wall mount

    Looks cool on the desktop!

    There really isn’t much else to add so we’ll sign off with a random LEGO fact. Did you know that right now there are about 62 LEGO bricks for every human on the planet? You did? Then you really need to get ordering, geekface.

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