LEGO Box of Bricks
  • LEGO Box of Bricks

LEGO Box of Bricks

Building on a classic

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    LEGO Box of Bricks

    What will you build with these bricks?

    With so many amazing LEGO themed products to choose from it’s easy to forget that this iconic brand is all about bricks. So why not keep it simple with one of these fantastic boxes of classic LEGO bricks and bits. Millions of happy kids can’t be wrong!

    Containing everything you need to start building houses, vehicles and whatever else springs to mind, each sturdy storage box is filled with enough LEGO to stimulate minds, improve motor skills and while away the hours, at home or on the move.

    The Large 405 piece set contains a colourful selection of bricks, and also includes a LEGO minifigure, base plate, wheels and special elements to build a LEGO house.
    LEGO Box of Bricks

    The large box has 405 pieces, one book of building ideas and a minifigure included

    The Deluxe 704 piece set includes even more bricks and lots of special pieces, including wheels, doors, windows, a base plate and two minifigures. You even get a special brick separator.
    LEGO Box of Bricks

    The Deluxe box has 704 pieces, one book of building ideas and two minifigures included

    As well as a handy book of building ideas, both sets come in reusable plastic boxes, so you won’t have to keep your bits in some clunky old biscuit tin. This really is the gift that keeps on giving. Brick-tastic!

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