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LEGO Boombox

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    LEGO Boombox
    Ten times the size of a normal eight stud LEGO brick, the LEGO Boombox is made to be seen as well as heard. Playing CDs, AM/FM radio and capable of connecting to MP3 players, this instantly recognisable shape is ideal for any budding builder’s bedroom. What’s more, the built-in 1W speakers with bass boost provide a great quality sound; but at a volume that (thankfully) won’t travel too far!

    Part of a range of scaled-up LEGO products; the Boombox will stack with the equally cool LEGO Alarm Clock. Just like the Alarm Clock, the studs on top of the LEGO Boombox can also be twiddled to control volume and tune the AM/FM radio. Interactive, stackable, colourful and fun – all the things that make LEGO the nation’s favourite toy!

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