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Kylo Ren Light-Up Chop Sabers

Star Wars: The Last Pad-Thai



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Kylo Ren Light-Up Chop Sabers
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  • Eat your noodles like an angsty wannabe Sith Lord
  • An elegant eating utensil for a more civilised age
  • Glowing red saber with light-up cross guard
  • Not as clumsy or random as a knife and fork
Kylo Ren Light-Up Chop Sabers will help you make quick work of sushi rolls – from your very First (takeaway) Order to The Last Pad-Thai.

Battery-powered, these detailed miniature replicas light up in red and feature Kylo Ren's signature glowing cross-guard.

They won't make loud 'waaaamp' noises when you wave them around, nor a 'pssshhhht' sound when you turn them off – but judging by how you read that aloud in your head, we're pretty sure this won't be a problem.

Can't get the hang of chopsticks? No sweat. Just channel your best Kylo Ren-style fit of rage and mash wildly at the sushi.

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