Kult Kidz DVD

    Kult Kidz DVD

    Wallow, nay drown, in nostalgia

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      Your childhood experiences are very personal, and the nostalgia business is often remiss in picking out only one example of a genre or cultural milestone. So for every time a Wham bar was hungrily consumed, someone, somewhere was eating Highland Toffee. One man's Grifter is, quite viably, another man's Tomahawk. A debate on Mouse Trap versus Buckaroo would run and run and run.

      The general lack of all-encompassing retrospective is what makes this DVD compilation of children's television shows a brave and tremendous thing. Among the octet of kids' classics are some you may have loved, some you may have hated or even some you may have never heard of before - but that is its strongest point.

      You may go weak at the knees recalling Kenneth Williams doing Evil Edna and Arthur the caterpillar, but do you want to watch the entire run? It'd be a thankless task. And how better to place your own favourite on an even-higher pedestal than to compare it with its contemporaries and peers. Misty memories can be polished, new favourites can be found...

      Kult Kidz All Time Favourites DVD
      For your monies, you get the minimalist adventures of Bod; pom-poms in the garden in the shape of The Flumps; the slightly-odd Euro pudding that is Crystal Tipps and Alistair; camp-as-a-field-of-tents puppetry in the building known as Hector's House; Mary, Mungo and Midge proving three really is company in penthouse 'luxury'; paper-animal antics with Fingerbobs; felt-pen and jangly guitar holding together Roobarb and Custard and, as mentioned, the crooked fairy tale world of Will o' The Wisp.

      Two episodes of each - the whole gamut of children's television. Enjoy.

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