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Kuchi-Paku Polar Bear Animal Speaker
  • Kuchi-Paku Polar Bear Animal Speaker

Kuchi-Paku Polar Bear Animal Speaker

Bear-faced miming at its best

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    Watch him sing and boogie along
    to your favourite songs!

    Polar bears are not renowned for their sense of humour, or indeed their ability to lip-sync to music while dancing. Then again neither is Cheryl Cole and look at her. We digress. The point is the Kuchi-Paku Polar Bear Animal Speaker is here and it’s destined to elevate this much-maligned art form to a whole new level of hilarity.

    A global craze in the making, this impossibly cute, battery-operated soft toy is guaranteed to have owners and onlookers in stitches as it lip-syncs and boogies along to the music it hears. Raargh! It’s a bit like a frosty version of Britney minus the saucy outfits. It even lip-syncs to speech. But unlike Britney the Kuchi-Paku Polar Bear doubles up as a portable speaker for your MP3 player. Just plug it in and you’re good to go. You can then squeeze his paw and he’ll dance and lip-sync to your tunes.

    Detail close-up

    Press his paw to stop him dancing

    There’s something unfathomably funny about watching a polar bear miming to Ice Ice Baby, but just wait until you put your cuddly pal in ‘microphone mode’, because he’ll lip-sync to your voice. You can then plonk him on your desk, hide underneath and start speaking. Telling someone they’re fired via a comedy ursus maritimus is so cool it’s positively polar.

    If your Kuchi-Paku’s hooked up to an MP3 player and you tire of its incessant shimmying/mouthing off, simply squeeze its paw and it will calm down while the music continues. It really is ideal for kids, pranksters and infantile music fans of all ages.


    The perfect gift for animal, music
    or toy lovers everywhere

    Short of shoving a speaker into a highly intelligent dancing parrot that’s had its beak replaced with fluffy lips (well you never know), we can think of no better talking pet with which to amuse yourself. So get ordering. But hurry, because judging by the reaction the Kuchi-Paku Polar Bear’s been getting around these parts we predict it’ll sprint off the shelves faster than… well, faster than a dancing polar bear that appears to know every word of Stairway to Heaven. Totally pawsome!

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