Kryptonite Evolution Mini and Bracket
  • Kryptonite Evolution Mini and Bracket

Kryptonite Evolution Mini and Bracket

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    Locking you bike up is no longer a case of wrapping a necklace-sized chain around a lamppost and securing it with a padlock. Bike thieves have thought their way around that. These days you need a bike lock like the Kryptonite Evolution Mini and Bracket.

    One of the most popular bike locks on the market, the Evolution is compact and light enough to clip onto your bike frame. But with a 13mm steel shackle it’ll make the average set of bolt cutters look like Grandma’s dentures.

    The patented deadbolt locking mechanism is set inside a tough, reinforced housing. Combined with the offset key location and overhead cam locking mechanism, it’ll resist any kind of leverage attack by a would-be bike thief.

    Not that you’d know it – to look at, the Evolution is sleek, minimal and has a glossy vinyl coating that’s forgiving against your bike frame. With all these features and a key system that’s even faster than the old chain-and-padlock technique; the Kryptonite Evolution is every bit the superior species.

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