Koziol Flower Tea Strainer
  • Koziol Flower Tea Strainer

Koziol Flower Tea Strainer

Cup of tea, petal?

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    add your tea leaves to the flower

    Add your selected tea to the flower

    Ditch your teapot and bring a touch of floral flair to your cuppa with the Koziol Flower Tea Strainer. Designed to brew a single cup of loose-leaf tea, this beautiful strainer looks like an open flower that sits comfortably over your cup.

    Just spoon your choice of tea leaves into the flower body and pour boiling water through it. The heat-resistant strainer can be left immersed in the water for as long as you like, giving you complete control over the strength of your brew.

    Once your tea is ready, whip the flower out and leave it safely in the delicate holder. Not only does it make a gorgeous conversation piece, but the handy holder also prevents any doily-spoiling drips.

    remove the flower and place in the holder to avoid drips

    Remove the tea leaves once brewed

    With its rich colour, the Koziol Flower Tea Strainer could be mistaken for Murano glass, but this stylish piece of kitchen kit is actually made from a high-quality plastic. Simple but elegant, this is one piece of tea-making technology that is designed to be stored in plain sight and enjoyed every day.

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