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Korg Monotron


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    Korg Monotron

    Create some amazing synth sounds!

    Rolf Harris will be trembling in his paint-splattered sandals when he hears about the amazing Korg Monotron, because this bonkers little synth is just like a Stylophone on steroids!

    Battery-powered, the ludicrously addictive Monotron lets you create weird and wonderful music like never before. Well almost, because we can’t help thinking of early Depeche Mode mixed with warbling Blake’s Seven* sound effects and a touch of Galaxian every time we tickle its titchy keyboard and tweak those intuitive knobs.

    But that’s hardly surprising because this unputdownable noisebox features the same analogue filter found in the legendary Korg MS-10 synth used by OMD, The Human League and other 80s blipblop acts.

    Korg Monotron

    Look at the knobs on this impressive noisebox

    Throw in voltage and low frequency-controlled oscillators and you’re looking at an instrument capable of impressing, amusing and twisting your melon every time you pick it up. You can even filter and modulate sounds from other external sources via its audio input jack. Tubeway flippin’ Army! So don’t just sit there twiddling your piano tie, get Monotroning back to the future. Wuhr-bip-sqeeeel!

    Korg Monotron

    1) Effects controls, 2) Aux input: 1/8" Stereo Jack, 3) Headphone out: 1/8" Stereo Jack, 4) Volume, 5) Mode switch

    *Get Googling, kids

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