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Korg Monotribe
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Korg Monotribe

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    close up of buttons

    Lots of controls to tweak!

    It’s difficult to write about the Korg Monotribe without the whole thing turning into lots of pish-pish-pishes, zub-zub-zub-zubs and honking great krakooooooooms! Because this compact box of wonders is about making all the rhythmic electro synth sounds you can imagine (and some you can’t).

    You want technical information? Oh alright then. The Monotribe lets you lay down a three part rhythm section – bass drum, snare, and hi-hat – for a signature sound, unique to this particular synthesiser. It has a step key interface, with a button for each of the eight steps to give you real time, tactile control over the drums or any synth part played on the ribbon keyboard. Throw the Active Step editing and Flux Mode into this mix and you have incredibly versatile machine for both creating and mangling beats.

    The built-in synth is based on an analogue VCO with sawtooth, triangle, square wave, and more – providing everything you need for teeth-shattering highs and bowel-worrying bass. The Monotribe even has three envelope generators (EG) and an LFO with a range switch to allow even greater versatility and effects.

    close up of ports

    Side view

    The ribbon controller gives you a choice of three playing modes. Chromatic mode (KEY) lets you play melodies and set up bass lines, continuous mode (NARROW) is for glides and bends, while wide continuous mode (WIDE) has a six-octave pitch range for all of your synth zaps and sqeeeeeeees.

    Eyes hurting yet? Ours too, so why not give them a rest for a while – hit the Buy button and give your ears a jangle instead! Since this compact bit of kit is powered by AA batteries you can mix up a storm anywhere from park benches to packed clubs. And what it might lack in looks it easily makes up for in wave after wave of lobe-rattling sound. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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