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Kontrol Surface DJ MIDI Controller
  • Kontrol Surface DJ MIDI Controller

Kontrol Surface DJ MIDI Controller

Beats in the wood

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    Take control of the mix with this responsive touchscreen panel

    Part control panel from the USS Enterprise, part Hammond organ, the Kontrol Surface DJ MIDI Controller is a dazzling new way to lay down your sound. Designed to wow the crowd before the bass has even kicked in, the multitouch control surface functions just like a traditional mixing desk. But why in Van Helden’s name has it been modelled on a Corby trouser press?

    Good question. We have absolutely no idea. But you have to admire the nerve of any company brazen enough to dress a cutting edge gadget in such retro threads. There’s even a brass plaque on the back bearing the Smithson Martin name. Take that, Apple!

    But if you can’t look past the Atari 2600 styling, don’t worry. Once the lights go out and the fog rolls in, it’ll just be you and that eye-popping 22 inch (56cm) touchscreen. And that’s where this bit of kit really comes into its own.

    create new tracks

    Remix and create new tracks and samples with the MIDI controls

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    Retro styling

    As much a light show as a mixing desk, this chemically strengthened pure glass surface can be customised to suit you. Use the included Emulator Modular software to move buttons, sliders, circular knobs and jog wheels; until everything is right where you want it. You can even add your own custom graphics. Then all you need is to make some noise...

    Connecting to any laptop or computer, the Kontrol Surface DJ MIDI Controller gives you instant access to your tracks. And with four simultaneous touchpoints, it’s ideal for multitasking as you drop one after another into the mix. Perfect for either studio or live performances, this high-tech deck is a striking way to bring a little wow (and WTF?!) factor to your sessions. Just don’t be surprised when people request Gimme Some Lovin’.

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