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Konstruktor DIY SLR Camera

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Konstruktor DIY SLR Camera
Love it as much as we do?
  • Build your own SLR camera
  • Clear and simple instructions (estimated 1-2 hour build time)
  • Personalise your own camera with stick on leather detailing and sticker sheet
  • Be more than your phone
It seems as though everyone is a photographer these days, but not everyone has built their own camera. It's time for you to change that with the Konstruktor DIY SLR Camera by Lomography. Much more fulfilling than mindlessly thumbing a retro filter on the latest camera app and no need to add a zillion hashtags to every photo (you know who you are).

The kit contains everything you need to create and personalise your own 35mm film SLR camera, a bit like a model aeroplane kit, including sticky backed leather patches and a vinyl sticker sheet to truly make the Konstruktor your own. The instructions are miles clearer than a Scandinavian furniture manual and within one to two hours you will have built something worth building - without any swearing, wonky shelves or nails stuck in your arm.

All you have to do then is go and use the sexy thing. Snap, snap, snap. You're so old school and analogue it's frightening!

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2 Reviews

Average 5/5 stars
  • "Excellent little kit, easy to assemble and a fun way to shoot pictures."
    Callum - 3rd of April, 2017
  • "Once you get your head around the instructions, it's a really great gift! Would definitely recommend it if you're thinking of getting it"
    Chris - 14th of February, 2017