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Kogeto Dot
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Kogeto Dot

Up, down, all around

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    black version

    Available in black or green

    Your eyes are truly miraculous blobs of squish. But unless you’re an owl or a lizard (which is unlikely ‘cos you’re reading this) your peepers don’t allow you to check out what’s going on behind you. And while we can’t help in the eyesight department we can most certainly help in the iPhone department because the amazing Kogeto Dot lets you shoot fully panoramic 360 degree videos. Wow!

    Simply slide this game-changing lens on to your iPhone, download the accompanying ‘Looker’ app, position your iPhone on your palm or a flat surface and you’re good to go. The Kogeto’s special lens captures 360-degree video that the app then ‘undistorts’, allowing you to interactively explore the scene from all angles. Awesome or what!

    So easy to use:
    step 1

    Clip the Dot onto your iPhone

    step 2

    Download and open the app

    step 3

    Hold the phone horizontally and film everything

    360 animation

    Swipe your iPhone or scroll across the video to see everything in your amazing videos

    Video screenshot

    Save and share your dotspots to the Kogeto website, facebook, or twitter

    The effect is not unlike those virtual tours you see on hotel and estate agent websites. The difference is you can film infinitely more interesting things and give viewers a real sense of being there. ‘Look, the beach backs on to a silage farm.’

    Impressed? You will be, and so will friends and family because you can share your panoramic vids via email, Facebook, Twitter or (because once uploaded, you don’t need an app or program to view it). You can even broadcast on the net in real time. ‘Check out my fancy hotel room…’

    carry bag

    Nice travel pouch

    Needless to say the ability to capture more than your own eyes are capable of opens up a world of possibilities, some sillier than others. ‘Urgh, the CEO was picking his nose throughout that entire board meeting!’

    You can also use the Kogeto Dot for more practical purposes such as uploading virtual tours of tourist attractions, house parties, family get-togethers and stunning vistas. So what are you waiting for? It’s behind you… and left and right and up and down.

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