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Kodak Pulse 10" Digital Frame
  • Kodak Pulse 10" Digital Frame

Kodak Pulse 10" Digital Frame

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    Easy-to-use touchscreen

    We all love showing off our photos of friends and family. But collating these little snippets in time is more difficult these days, now that photo albums have gone the way of VHS tapes, passive smoking and the Macarena. Sure, digital photo frames have been around for ages, but adding and editing photos on them can be a right faff. Well not any more.

    Leading the next generation of digital photo frames, the Kodak Pulse 10" Digital Frame actively seeks out your photos for you. WiFi enabled, this clever gizmo will automatically link with your friends and photo albums on Facebook – updating your collection the moment new photos are added.

    side and features
    Most impressive of all though is that this smart frame has its own email address. So you can easily send pics to it from any PC. Or better yet, email them straight from your smartphone the moment they’re taken! If you have a Kodak Camera with Easyshare technology, you can even update the Pulse at the touch of a button.

    Like a friendly postman, the Pulse will let you know the moment any new photos arrive. Flicking through them is a doddle as well, thanks to the intuitive touchscreen controls.

    rear view

    Looks good from the back too!

    Easier to keep up to date and far lighter than any old-fashioned photo album, the Pulse will store up to four thousand of your photographs (or up to 512MB of data). The backlit 10.4 inch screen and sharp KODAK Colour Science technology will be sure to bring out the best in your images. Great for showing those stay-at-home types what they’re missing, or keeping your mum up to speed on your many misadventures!

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