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Kodak Playtouch
  • Kodak Playtouch

Kodak Playtouch

Touch me!

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    Kodak Playtouch

    Touchscreen controls as you film

    Having upped the ante in the HD camcorder stakes with their amazing Playsport, our good friends at Kodak have decided to push the envelope even further with the incredible Kodak Playtouch. Go on, touch it. You know you want to.

    One in the eye for button-festooned gizmos, this astonishing high def (1080p) rechargeable camcorder features a sleek 3” LCD touchscreen, so you can glide through intuitive menus and review/edit/fine-tune recordings on the fly before uploading to your PC or Mac. Pressing buttons? How quaint.

    It might not be as rugged as its sporty stablemate but it’s definitely the brains of the family, boasting more features than you can shake a director’s megaphone at. As well as the now obligatory flip-out USB arm and one-touch uploading to Facebook, YouTube and whatever else you spend your time gawping at, the Playtouch features anti-glare settings for sunny scenarios and an HDMI port for viewing all your stunning HD handiwork on the telly (HDMI cable included).

    Kodak Playtouch

    One-touch uploading to Facebook, You Tube...

    Kodak Playtouch

    Review/edit/fine-tune on the fly

    As you’d expect, operating this slick bit of kit is a doddle, and with enough on-board storage to record 10 hours of video and an SD/SDHC expansion slot you’ll be capturing life’s special moments till the cows come home. You can even get up close and personal via a 4x digital zoom and snap 16:9 widescreen stills at 5MP. Phew! Don’t get us started on the included software because it does the lot; mashing up movies and adding music/voiceovers is as peasy as it is fun.

    With all these features you’d be forgiven for thinking the Playtouch is the size of a shoebox, but no, it’ll fit in your pocket or palm with ease. Swipe through its menus as you prepare to film your latest epic and fellow gadgeteers will flock to ogle this stylish groundbreaker in action. Well it beats watching your witless mate falling off his skateboard for the umpteenth time. Aaaand… action!

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