Kodak Hero 5.1 Wireless Printer
  • Kodak Hero 5.1 Wireless Printer

Kodak Hero 5.1 Wireless Printer

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    screen detail

    2.4" LCD display

    Despite some massive technological leaps in the last few years, we haven’t completely done away with the need for a home printer. They’re just so flippin’ handy! So while the science boffins keep working on that paperless world we hear so much about, why not make the most of today’s cutting edge tech with the Kodak Hero 5.1 Wireless Printer.

    This advanced home printer is WiFi enabled – so it can receive information from any smartphone (including iPhone), tablet or computer with an internet connection. Send photos to print straight from your mobile, or set a document to print from several rooms away. It’ll even accept prints via email!

    Four easy steps...

    Download the Kodak App Choose a picture Choose printing device Press the send button

    Open the Kodak
    Pic Flick App

    Select your picture

    Select the Kodak Hero 5.1

    Tap the 'send' button
    to print!

    connection options

    Print via WiFi, memory card or USB

    Likewise, the Hero 5.1 is a scanner and copying device. Save the scans you’ve made to any device you like, whether it’s the family computer, Google Docs, an email address, a memory card or a network folder. Plus, you can manage all of your scans, copies and prints with the built-in 2.4” LCD screen. It’s a great way to see what you’re about to save or print before you give it the green light, saving you time and money.

    And speaking of savings... as with all of Kodak’s devices the Hero 5.1 has been developed to be as economical as possible. Not only are Kodak inks amongst the most affordable on the market, the printer itself will carefully manage their use, so none is wasted. Likewise, it’ll produce double sided prints, so you can save money (and space) by not having to buy reams of spare paper.


    Print photos in just 34 seconds!

    With all of these features wrapped in a stylish satin black package, the Hero 5.1 is one of the coolest, most cutting edge home printers around. And with its incredible wireless technology you can set it up anywhere in the house.

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