Kodak Easyshare Sport
  • Kodak Easyshare Sport

Kodak Easyshare Sport

C’mon in, the water’s lovely!

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    Back of the camera

    2.4" LCD screen

    Life’s tough, so why are most cameras flimsy? We’ve no idea but the sturdy little Easyshare Sport from Kodak is one robust customer. Why it can even work its widescreen HD snapping magic 3 metres underwater. Deep breath…

    Ideal for active snappers, pool party-goers and anyone eager to capture memories in stunning high def, this 12MP camera features idiot-proof Easyshare functionality, allowing you to choose your upload destination (Twitter Facebook, email, etc) on the fly. When you hook up to your computer, photos and vids are automatically zapped to the relevant site. Easy!

    Red and Yellow colours available

    Colours available (L-R): Red and Yellow

    Talking of vids, the AA-powered Easyshare also captures movies in continuous VGA. Throw in auto face detection, 5x digital zoom, feature-rammed software and a choice of jaunty colour schemes and you’re looking at one of the best value HD snappers on the market. C’mon in, the water’s lovely (and so are those water polo players’ backsides).

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