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Koala Blanket
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Koala Blanket

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    Up close: snuggly!

    Are you sitting comfortably? Nice and snuggly? We doubt it because you haven’t got a Koala Blanket. And believe us, you don’t know what you’re missing. Brought to you by the snugglemeisters behind the best-selling Slanket, this super soft blanket/throw folds into itself to become an ultra comfy pillow. Clever, eh?

    Ideal for campers, glampers, festival-goers, loafers, lorry drivers, OAPs, lazy students and just about anyone looking for a portable blanket/pillow hybrid, the Koala is so versatile you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. Its gorgeously luxe faux furriness has to be snuggled to be believed. Squished up sweaters and itchy old blankets? No thanks!

    Koala Blanket used as a blanket Tucking in the Koala Blanket Koala Blanket as a cushion

    It's a blanket...

    no wait, fold and tuck in...

    it's a cushion!

    When you’re not taking advantage of the Koala’s supreme portability you can use it on the sofa at home. Simply snuggle under its 100% polyester embrace or use it as a throw. When you’re done, simply fold it into its cushiony guise and use it as an attractive scatter cushion.

    Failing that, plonk your weary head on it and ponder the irrefutable fact that ‘Koala Blanket’ sounds like a great name for an Australian Michael Jackson fan’s offspring.

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    If the success of the Slanket is anything to go by, the Koala Blanket is set to become the accessory of choice for funky comfort seekers across the globe. Yes, you can buy separate blankets and pillows for your travels, but that’s not exactly cost effective or practical. More importantly it’s not as much fun as seeing the look on envious friends’ faces when you unfurl your Koala. Blanket or pillow? You decide.

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