Knitted Headphone Earmuffs
  • Knitted Headphone Earmuffs

Knitted Headphone Earmuffs

Cool tunes, warm noggin

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    Listen to your tunes with warm ears

    We love winter. The snowball fights; the sledging; the mulled wine; magic. But it does mean having to swap our much-loved headphones for a woolly hat when we’re out and about. Well not anymore!

    Thanks to Knitted Headphone Earmuffs all you fans of music on the move can enjoy quality tunes and swathe your ears in warm faux fur at the same time. Just plug in your iPhone, iPod, BlackBerry or MP3 player and you’re good to go.

    Fully adjustable and worn round the back of the head (like shades in reverse), Knitted Headphone Earmuffs are soft and fluffy on the inside but slim enough to be worn with beanies, ski goggles and dunce caps (obligatory headgear for Westlife fans). Yes, you could shove a beanie over your normal ‘phones but they’ll soon dig into your poor old ears as your gloved hand fumbles for your player. It’s a non-contest.

    five different colours

    Colours available (L-R): Black, White, Turqoise, Pink and Purple

    Available in black, white, turquoise, pink and purple, these winter essentials are set to become your default cans for ski holidays, trips to Iceland (the shop and the country) and, if weather reports are to be believed, most of the year in miserable Blighty. Quite frankly, unless you live in the tropics we can see no good reason why you wouldn’t want a pair. So this year if you want cool tunes and a cosy noggin; get knitted!

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