Alternative Christmas Gifts
Alternative Christmas Gifts

Knit Your Own Zombie

Knit of the Living Dead

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  • Easy to make and even easier to dismember
  • Make guts and gore, brains, bones and other zombie accessories
  • Eight infinitely interchangeable characters
  • Pull apart and re-assemble for horrifying results
  • The absolute pinnacle of stress relief
Hats and scarves are a little bit dull. This current zombie-free planet that we live on, is a little bit dull. It's time to leave our comfort zones and enter an exciting apocalyptic world of knitting – with the Knit Your Own Zombie book.

Full of fun and easy-to-understand instructions to make eight endlessly interchangeable and gruesome characters. Including a psychotic zombie chef, a jangling bony gravedigger and even a crooked un-dead cop – all dragging their putrid gory innards around with them, just waiting for you to pull them apart.

Each component of these lifeless, brain-munching wretches is held together using Velcro strips and snap fasteners so even if you just knit two or three you have an absolute wealth of hideous variations to tinker with.

Easy to make and even easier to dismember, this is the pinnacle of stress relief. First you have the therapeutic pleasure of knitting your very own withered woollen walker, and then you get to rip them apart in a furious rage.

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