K'nex Video Roller Coaster
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K'nex Video Roller Coaster

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    So much of a thrilling day at a theme park is spent stuck in a queue for the rides. All that waiting, for about 3 minutes of excitement – is it really worth it? Of course it is! Roller coasters are brilliant. But now you can save yourself all that waiting in line and nab the best seat every time; with the K'nex Video Roller Coaster.

    This brilliant build-it-yourself kit has a car with a built-in video camera. Set it going around the track and you can capture every twist, drop, loop the loop and turn. Upload the video to your computer and you can relive it time and time again. Or better still, share it with your friends and family.

    If you’re a budding film maker you can even use a separate roller coaster car and film the action from one of seven other mounting points around the track. The camera records in 320 x 240 VGA and saves the footage as an AVI file, so it’s ready to watch the moment you upload it to the computer.

    Fix together Press record Download onto computer via USB

    Fix together the track

    Press record on the car

    Upload to your computer via USB

    With step-by-step instructions to help you build the track, and alternative tracks available from the K’nex website, you’ll be entertained for hours. And once you’ve got all the footage from these tracks, try building your own! Combine playsets to make bigger and bigger tracks, and send more than one car around at a time – turning your front room into your very own theme park attraction! Now that does sound like a thrill.

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