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  • Kneelo


Be kind to your knees

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    Keel in comfort

    Knees. We’re forever banging them on table legs, pressing them against the backs of seats on busses, or having them grappled by evil siblings. They come in for so much punishment, it’s a wonder our knees haven’t fallen out with us entirely and packed off to our buttocks for a quieter life.

    Although we’ve been assured that this can’t actually happen, it’s still a worry. So we were relieved to discover the Kneelo. Designed to take the pressure off your bendy bits when you’re weeding in the garden (or performing any task at ground level), this soft mat has a layer of EVA shock-absorbing foam at its core. Surrounding this on both sides is also layer of memory foam, designed to protect your patellas from everyday wear and tear.





    A moulded-in handle lets you carry the lightweight Kneelo wherever you might need it. Which could be anywhere, as it also doubles as a cosy cushion for picnicking in the park, or sitting on hard outdoor furniture. Wrapped in waterproof, easy-to-clean neoprene, it’s perfect for use outside, but comes in just as handy for jobbing around the house.

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