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    Start up your home massage!

    All too often, a nice therapeutic (or purely romantic) massage at home can fall a bit short of your expectations. But it’s not fair to blame the amateur masseur/masseuse. After all, massage is a bit of a dark art. Sometimes just using the wrong scented candles can trigger a violent muscle spasm. Or at least, that’s what we’d heard.

    As it turns out, that’s not true. In fact, all it takes to be a reasonable amateur masseur/masseuse is a little understanding of how muscles work, a dash of self confidence and the Kneader. Designed specifically for amateurs, the kneader takes the stigma out of home massage, making it simple, satisfying and fun. This clear plastic tool comes with a simple guide that’ll have you up and rubbing in no time.



    Sure, it may look like a jelly baby knuckle duster, but each curve has actually been designed to fulfil a different purpose. The upper arch is mainly for stroking movements, called Effleurage, or rocking movements (Petrissage). The upper side portions are for deeper movements (Petrissage, Frictions and Static Pressure), to release tension in tired muscles. And the lower arch is for Effleurage and Petrissage in smaller areas, like arms and calves. See, just knowing the right words makes you more confident!

    The smooth surfaces of the Kneader let you use it over your clothing, or directly on the skin itself. So you can use it any time you’re in need of a kneading – whether it’s in the bath, or on the bus.

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