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Kitt Bowl and Food Storage
  • Kitt Bowl and Food Storage

Kitt Bowl and Food Storage

Spoil your cat, not the food

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    Turn your cat’s food bowl into a stylish designer eatery with the Kitt Bowl and Food Storage unit – an elegant way to serve your moggy’s dry food, and store it as well.

    The body of the stylised unit is hollow, with a two litre capacity for storing dry food. Thanks to the angled sides and secure lid, even the most curious kitty will find it impossible to get into.

    Fill the storage compartment with pet food filling up the feed bowl Lifting the storage part up

    Fill up the storage section

    Empty into the bowl ready...

    and reveal at feeding time!

    When it’s time for dinner, simply lift up the body of the unit to find the food bowl hidden discreetly underneath. Just shake the dried food straight out of the body of the unit and into the bowl. The bowl even has a tail-shaped handle to make sure your hands never come into contact with the food. Well, it’s not the best-smelling stuff in the world...
    Colours available

    Colours available (L-R): Black and White

    If your cat decides that they’re not going to eat all of their food in one sitting, no problem! Just sit the body of the unit back over the bowl until they’re ready. The food will stay dry underneath, the smell will be contained and – most importantly – it won’t attract household pests or other animals from outside. Cute, clever, practical and hygienic!

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