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Kitsound Duo Speaker
  • Kitsound Duo Speaker

Kitsound Duo Speaker

Sound good? Not half!

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    Close up of the speaker


    Our eardrums have been assaulted by gazillions of portable speakers over the years. Sadly, most produce wasp-trapped-in-a-can style audio, especially when you crank up the volume. Not so with the stylish Kitsound Duo Speaker.

    Like its plastic cousin, the Dual Cylinder Travel Speaker, this compact metallic noisemaker consists of two magnetised halves that pull apart to give amazing stereo sound. Ideal for iPhone/iPod owners, simply plug into your headphone jack and you’re away.

    Speakers fit together

    They slot together!

    Rechargeable via USB, the gorgeously engineered Duo really comes into its own when gizmos are dialled all the way up to eleven. How a device this small manages to stick such a bassy boot up the backside of your music is beyond us. Even neighbours will be blown away by its beefy sonics. Probably.

    With sound this great it would be rude to condemn the Duo to a life playing audio solely from iWhatevers, so why not use it to add oomph to laptops and mobile phones. Failing that, the two halves make attractive robot ears when stuck on the side of your head. Split personality? Not half!

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