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KitSound Boomdock

Tolerant neighbours not included

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    Accessory of the Year award

    Accessory of the Year award

    According to its makers, this iPod/iPhone dock was ‘forged in the darkness by twisted souls’. A likely story, but who are we to question its genesis when it delivers a sonic wallop capable of razing Hades and giving Lucifer his worst headache since St Cliff released The Millennium Prayer. Look, the point is the KitSound Boombox kicks serious audio butt.

    Just slip your appley gizmo into this gorgeously engineered 2.1 system’s top-loading tray and batten down the hatches as forward-firing satellite drivers and a down-firing 5.25” subwoofer deliver a sonic punch that easily knocks the wind out of pricier systems and might even nibble the ears off the likes of Lemmy.

    But it’s not all about ribcage rattling bass response; the KitSound delivers serious clarity too. We’re talking beef with all the trimmings. Speaking of which, gravy comes by way of an integrated FM/AM radio. As for stuffing (this is the last roast dinner reference, honest) there’s an alarm clock capable of waking even the laziest of music fan, especially when the volume’s cranked up.

    KitSound Boomdock Remote


    On the subject of volume, KitSound boffins have used revolutionary aluminium cones for the aforementioned satellite drivers which allow for a massive dynamic range close to 90dB. If there’s a similarly priced dock that goes this loud and this deep without sounding like a chainsaw carving through a cutlery drawer, we’d love to hear it.

    Round back the KitSound boasts a pair of phono inputs so you can hook up other devices, from your Wii to your TV. ‘Yay, Mario Kart with muscle.’ Factor in a sleek remote that controls your docked iPod/iPhone and you’re looking at a noise maker that totally defies its eye-rubbingly low price tag. Buy this and, like He- Man, you really will have the power. Tolerant neighbours not included.

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