Kissing Love Tester
  • Kissing Love Tester
  • Kissing Love Tester

Kissing Love Tester

Got a connection?

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  • Put your relationship compatibility to the ultimate test
  • Complete the circuit by holding the heart and touching each other
  • Emits a series of comedy rejection sound effects? Get rid!
  • Produces joyous sounds and flashing lights? TRUE. LOVE.
  • A completely scientific and sensible way to inform your life choices


Meet the Kissing Love Tester – by far the most accurate way to test the compatibility of your relationship(s).

Grasp the metal contacts on the heart with your partner, then 'complete the circuit' in any manner you please (holding hands, kissing, erm...).

If the Love Tester emits a series of comedy rejection sound effects – it's time to get rid. Split up immediately. Utterly incompatible. Never going to work. What were you thinking?


If you're greeted with joyous sounds and flashing lights – it's true love baby! Absolute keeper. Buy that engagement ring. Get that joint mortgage. Pop out that child. Invest in that double grave plot.

Seriously – it works, you'll thank us later.

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