Kintaro Pumpkin Seeds
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Kintaro Pumpkin Seeds

Samurai-Strength Superfood

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  • A healthy snack that actually tastes amazing
  • Each bundle contains four seriously scrumptious flavours
  • Get your daily protein fix!
  • Rich in Zinc, Omega 3, Fibre and Vitamin E


Trying to find a healthy snack that actually tastes good has been a pretty tall order, until now. The Kintaro Pumpkin Seeds are here to fully satisfy all of your insatiable cravings.

It comes as no surprise that these mighty seeds are named after a child from Japanese folklore with superhuman strength, they pack a real punch when it comes to flavour but they’re not a heavyweight when it comes to your waistline – think samurai, not sumo.

They’ve managed to cram a whopping 10.4g of protein into each 38g packet, throw in some high levels of Zinc and Omega 3 as well a hearty dose of fibre and Vitamin E and you’ve got yourself one hell of a super-food.

Each bundle includes four distinct and delicious flavours destined to excite your lunchbox and unleash the warrior within you.

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