Summer Sale 2018
King and Queen Salt and Pepper Mills
  • King and Queen Salt and Pepper Mills

King and Queen Salt and Pepper Mills

Salt or peeps? Your move

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    Put unseasoned salads into check!

    When Garry Kasparov settles down to tuck into his brain pie you don’t suppose he seasons his nosh with any old condiment set, do you? No, like any grand master worth their salt he uses King and Queen Salt and Pepper Mills.

    Okay, we made that up. The point is these regal mills make ideal gifts for anyone in love with the greatest board game in history. No, not Hungry Hippos. Chess! Standing a solid 18cm and 16cm respectively, King and Queen Mills are crafted in 100% natural wood with a rubberised base and quality ceramic grinding mechanism that makes light work of pulverising your salt and peeps.

    Just think, with royalty of this magnitude at the table you can ponder your next move for hours. ‘Pass the salt…no, make it the pepper…or should I just grind the queen? Actually forget it, I’ll have the ketchup.’ Checkmate!

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