King Hamster Sweater
  • King Hamster Sweater
  • King Hamster Sweater

King Hamster Sweater

Rodent Royalty

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  • Express your loyalty to the noble galactic hamster monarchy
  • Unisex Fit
  • Made from 100% polyester – blessed fabric of the gods
  • Did you know? A hamster can fit 400 raisins in its cheeks*


Hamsters. Glorified miniature escape experts that have evolved to needlessly store twelve Brazil nuts in their chubby little cheeks. You cherish and adore them, and all they want to do is seek freedom from your love.

The only reasonable explanation is that they are part of some sort of superior sentient race and they're desperate to rejoin their enlightened whiskered brethren. So if you've ever owned a hamster, the chances are pretty high that they were the King of this great race, or at least in line for the throne.

Having kept them in captivity for eons, it's probably about time you paid homage to these furry little critters. And what better way to express your devotion than by pulling on this polyester beauty emblazoned with galactic rodent royalty.

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