Kill Doctor Lucky
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Kill Doctor Lucky

In the wine cellar with the pinking shears!

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    If you've ever played Cluedo you'll know that solving a pretend murder can be seriously satisfying. But play Kill Doctor Lucky and you'll realise that committing a pretend murder is far more entertaining. And that's what makes this tongue-in-cheek board game so murderously engrossing.

    Kill Doctor Lucky

    Move from room to room

    A prequel of sorts to Cluedo, Kill Doctor Lucky is the award-winning board game where players race to bump off the owner of a sprawling country mansion without being spotted by opponents. It's a bit like the opening scenes of Poirot meets Miss Marple with a bit of Gosford Park thrown in for good measure.

    Kill Doctor Lucky

    Look behind you!

    The idea is to take turns moving through various rooms, accumulating cards along the way, while Dr Lucky ambles through his mansion following a predetermined path. Once you are in the same room as Doctor Lucky, you can attempt to knock the resilient old fella off. You do this by playing a Weapon Card (letter opener, monkey hand, pinking shears etc). Certain weapons are worth more points when used in certain rooms - for example, the trowel is worth extra points when used in the wine cellar - and are therefore more likely to succeed.

    Kill Doctor Lucky

    Pick a card

    When you've made your attempt, opponents get a chance to foil your dastardly deed using Failure Cards and Spite Tokens. It takes careful planning and genuine strategy to finally knock off the good doctor. Indeed the whole process is gloriously sneaky. And with bluffs, counter bluffs and enough twists to get Columbo scratching his head, Kill Doctor Lucky is destined to become a classic.

    Kill Doctor Lucky

    Nicely designed box

    Everyone knows villains have more fun, and with so many whodunnit-style games around it's great to play the role of a would-be maniac as opposed to a wannabe detective. And if the prospect of clobbering someone with a shoehorn in the trophy room doesn't appeal, you really do need to see the doctor!

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