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Kiiro MP3 Player

    Kiiro MP3 Player

    Get wired for sound with our incredibly wee MP3

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      (Please note: This product was formerly called the "Muze MP3 Player").

      When St. Cliff Richard sang about being 'Wired for Sound' you can bet your leather blouson he didn't have anything as teensy weensy as the Kiiro CA64-S MP3 player in mind. This sleek, matchbox-sized musical powerhouse is the smallest, most user-friendly MP3 player we've ever had the pleasure to tinker with, and it doesn't just play your favourite tunes. It's also a handy voice recorder (with up to two hours' recording time) and a data storage unit. Which doesn't mean the pale-looking bloke from Star Trek lives in there. It means you can upload and download files such as Word documents and PowerPoint presentations. Handy, and much cooler than lugging a pile of A4 around.

      It has all the functions you need plus a few more, including an equalizer, repeat/random play and auto intelligent power off. Two main buttons control most of the action, which means you won't spend hours fiddling to find your favourites. As far as downloading tracks goes, you simply connect the player to your PC (via the supplied USB cable) bung in the install CD (supplied) and then search for your favourite tracks. It's then just a case of dragging and dropping the files straight into the Kiiro CA4-S-S. It's easy peasy MP threesy!

      It goes without saying that the sound is amazing, but functions, looks and usability aside, the Kiiro CA64-S's biggest bonus has to be its size. Weighing in at a scrawny 27g, you could quite easily wear this as a piece of jewellery. Which is why it comes with a handy little neck/wrist strap. In fact, we can't quite stress how small the Kiiro CA64-S is - but we'll try; it's smaller than a Hear' say convention, widdlier than Westlife's contribution to culture, slighter than Gary Barlow's chances of charting... it's small. Get the message? We just can't recommend this any more than we already have, so we won't. Just buy one and see and hear it for yourself. For those about to rock, we salute you!

      Click here for Kiiro CA64-S Technical Support - including the technical support phone number, email address and the latest Kiiro CA64-S software update. This update offers Windows XP compatibility, and for the 64Mb model it combines the standard twin 32MB drives into a single 64MB drive!

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