Kids' Sound Asleep Pillow
  • Kids' Sound Asleep Pillow

Kids' Sound Asleep Pillow

Rock them to sleep

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    cable plugged into iPod

    Plugs into a music source with a 35mm headphone socket

    Lulling the kids to sleep every night is easier said than done. But once you’ve got them into bed, tucked up and listening to their favourite stories the odds are stacked in your favour. But how to keep them there? Well, that’s when you need the Kids' Sound Asleep Pillow.

    This super soft hollow fibre pillow also features a built-in speaker. Connect an MP3 player and you can pipe your little one’s much-loved lullabies, audiobooks or even your own soothing tones at a gentle volume while they nod off.

    Nestled in the pillow’s squishy core, the speaker is almost undetectable. And because it’s locked away, it’s only audible when you’re resting your head on it. So it’s perfect for those sharing a bedroom. And, when you can’t possibly listen to nursery rhymes in the car any longer, it makes an excellent travel pillow!

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