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Kids Slanket

Relax kid, I’ve got you covered!

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    Kids Slanket

    Play your games snuggled up!

    Why should grown-ups have all the fun snuggling beneath the best-selling Slanket? After all, kids spend more time loafing around on the sofa than anyone (apart from students, of course). So thank goodness everyone’s favourite fleece blanket with integrated sleeves is now available in this kid-friendly version.

    Just like its big brother, the Kids Slanket is soft, light and ludicrously snuggly, only this time it’s slightly smaller (167cmx111cm) and available in a range of kid-friendly designs. Choose from Purple, Walk the Slank (skull and crossbones), Safari and Camo.

    Ideal for crayon chewers between 4 and 10 years old, the Kids Slanket is perfect for keeping kids warm in winter, especially when they are pursuing their favourite activities. No, not homework and reading (although it’s great for both). We’re talking about video games and watching telly.

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    Walk the Slank

    Swathing nippers in a Kids Slanket means you can turn down ludicrously expensive radiators without having to chuck a duvet over the lovable little blighters. And because the Slanket is machine washable there’s no need to crack out the Vanish every time it gets covered in chocolate.

    Kids Slanket

    Stay warm and toasty

    Once kids are swaddled under this cosy blanket’s 100% polyester microfibre embrace they won’t keep pestering you to pass the squash or flip the remote – thanks to its clever sleeves they can do it for themselves. See? It’s educational as well as snuggly. Talking of sleeves, this gown/blanket mash up also doubles up as a Jedi’s cloak/phantom’s sheet. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

    Along with raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, the Kids Slanket is set to become a favourite thing amongst chilly little Fireboxers everywhere. And remember kids: loafing around is cool, but only if it’s nice and warm. Hands up who loves the Kids Slanket!

    Kids Slanket

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