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Kiddimoto Superbike
  • Kiddimoto Superbike

Kiddimoto Superbike

Get your toddler running….

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    Kid riding the Kiddimoto Superbike

    The next Fogarty?

    Nobody likes stabilisers. They’re the manifestation of youthful frustration. Plus, they get in the way of your wheelie attempts. Balance bikes are what the toddler de jour really wants: pedal-free machines that teach your tykes how to keep a safe and co-ordinated balance without the need for those silly extra wheels out back.

    Up till now there’s only been a simple version available: step forward to the future, parents. This is the superbike version. The Ducati of the sidewalks. The Harley of the patio. Yes, even the Street Hawk of the sweet shop.

    The spoiler on the back of the Kiddimoto Superbike

    Birch wood spoiler!

    Designed for kids aged 3-6 years old and capable of supporting up to 36kg, this is a bike that’s as ruggedly long-lasting as it is sweet looking. Built from high-grade birch wood and given a pimped-out look with child-safe paint, the Kiddimoto Superbike comes flat-packed and ready to ride in mere moments.

    It’s not just the devilishly brash looks of the beast that you’ll love. Balance bikes like these encourage children’s co-ordination, balance and fitness, and start to arm them with the skills and awareness they need to upgrade to a proper pushbike as they get older. We reckon you’ll also like the fact that your ankle-biters won’t be straggling behind on shopping trips and days out too: it’s a great way to get little legs pumping the paths and pavements to keep up with mum and dad.

    The three different colours available

    Available in three different colours: Blue, Green and Red

    Putting the Kiddimoto Superbike together

    Easy to put together!

    Your little treasures get to experience the thrills of riding on their very own shiny race bike, you get all the benefits. You also don’t have to worry about them pushing 190mph round hairpin bends on the Isle of Man and hassling you for petrol money – you’ve got that joy to come in the future!

    So get your hands – and your nipper’s tush – on the bike sensation of the year and watch the envious gaze of your neighbours. Just be prepared to listen to your child’s incessant impressions of a 500cc engine as they course round the flowerpots for the umpteenth time!

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