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KidFit Activity and Sleep Tracker for Kids

<strike>Work hard</strike> Play Hard

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  • Encourage an active, healthy and ultimately more fun lifestyle
  • No obsessing over calories or steps, just a simple score out of 100
  • Easy to setup, quickly pairs with the free and beautifully intuitive app
  • One-size-fits-all snap band, simply slap it on your wrist
  • Rugged splash-proof design to stand up to knocks and drops
  • 7 day battery life, quickly re-charges via USB
  • As a parent you can track multiple wristbands with one app
Kids these days, slumped in front of the TV or updating their Facebook profiles. What's the world coming to!? What happened to a bit of rough and tumble? Cycle rides? Kickabouts in the park? A few healthy bruises, nettle stings and grazed knees are a vital part of growing up; so encourage your child to lead an active, healthy and ultimately more fun lifestyle with the KidFit Activity and Sleep Tracker for Kids.

Made from a tough splash-proof rubber; just slip it on their wrist, pair it up with the beautifully intuitive app and they're ready to go. It's a doddle to set achievable goals, track progress and motivate your children to play more. They don't need to be obsessing over calories or steps (save that for their mid-twenties) so the app just provides a simple score out of 100 points.

After a long weary day of kiss chase, hide-and-seek and playground crime-fighting; KidFit logs your child's sleep patterns so you can make sure that they get the right amount of rest. But more importantly, as a parent you're able to track multiple wristbands with the one app so all the little ones can get involved.

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