Kickster PRO
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Kickster PRO

The goal of champions (to be)

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    quick setup

    Poles connected by elastic making the Kickster easy to put together

    It’s a goal! Yes we know that’s pretty obvious but we thought it was worth re-iterating just in case any of you happen to be England penalty takers. So what’s so great about the Kickster PRO? Well for starters this ultra-light 12’ x 6’ portable goal is endorsed by Aston Villa keeper Brad Friedel (yay!) and is used by Premiership coaches and academies. But more importantly it is the official size for under 12’s Junior Football.

    A revolution in portable goals, the PRO is ready for action in just two minutes because its sturdy posts and crossbar are connected with elastic cord, just like a tent. This makes setting up and packing away a doddle. Even the stupidest footballer can handle it – and as we all know there are some fabulously stupid footballers out there.


    He shoots, he SCORES!!!

    Half the weight of its rivals, the durable Kickster PRO comes with an easy open carry bag so you can take it to the park or even bung it in the car and take it on holiday. Now all you need is a football, heaps of talent and the uncanny ability to swan dive on cue. Oh c’mon ref!

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