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Kickster Academy 6
  • Kickster Academy 6

Kickster Academy 6

It’s a goal!

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    Detail close up

    Poles connected by elastic making the Kickster easy to put together

    Football isn’t about boo-hoo-ing billionaires, super-injunctions and prima donna managers. It’s about goals. But in order to score a goal you need a goal – and we’re not talking about jumpers or cones, we’re talking about the brilliantly practical Kickster Academy 6.

    A revolution in ultra-portable goals, the 6’ x 4’ Academy 6 is ready to use in just two minutes, no degree in geometry required. The sturdy poles are connected with elastic cord, just like a tent, so even the Rooniest little footballer can erect this baby without parental help or diagrams from the gaffer.

    bag of bits

    Fits neatly into the carry bag

    At half the weight of rival goals the Kickster is perfect for kickabouts in the back garden, and because packing it away is as easy as putting it up, it needn’t become a permanent fixture. Pop it in its accompanying carry bag and you can take it to the park or even bung it in the car and take it on holiday. It’s a goal! (Hundred grand per week contract not included).

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