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KiSS DP-450 DVD Player

    KiSS DP-450 DVD Player

    Don't talk, just KiSS

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      The affordable DVD player market is awash with poor quality examples that'd have problems playing even the most basic DVD without crashing irreconcilably and displaying a whinging error message akin to a note from your mum to the P.E. teacher complaining of the rough treatment and unnecessary violence her son was exposed to on the rugby field. In short, they're next to useless and, despite filthily low price tags, they lack support for some of the most commonly used formats available for video compression. Come to think of it, the majority of high-end players don't support all the formats the KiSS 450 does. God, we're good.

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      And now, every purchase of a KiSS DVD player comes with 2 months free membership with, one of the UK's leading online DVD rental companies. This gives you unlimited DVD rental with no late charges, due dates, or postage charges.*

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      The KiSS DP-450 has taken its cues from the PC-using video buff, most of whom use formats like MPEG4, DivX, and Xvid to compress their video, so the 450 can decode and playback all these esoteric, computer-based formats without breaking its stride.

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      Best of all, the KiSS allows upgrades of its firmware via download from your PC, so it's virtually future proof. Can you say that about the £40 VideoLand player from your local supermarket? We think not.

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      Sure, the KiSS is a little more rugged and handsome than some super-slim players on the market ( designed and manufactured in Denmark it does take design cues from another prohibitively expensive Scandinavian electronics brand), but it offers functionality that far outstrips anything you can buy at the moment, whilst allowing uninterrupted viewing of plain jane DVDs into the bargain.

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      Unfeasible value for money aside, if your other half answers your calls to have a PC installed in the front room with barely concealed hatred, then the compromise of the multi-talented, multi-format, KiSS DP-450 should seem almost like a marriage proposal in comparison.

      Please Note: The KiSS DVD player is not multi-region; as supplied it will only play Region 2 discs.

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