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  • Khet


Hit me with those laser beams

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    Make your move

    Have we ever told you about the Stargate-style wormhole situated in the caves beneath Firebox HQ? Oh come on, how else do you think we find all these weird and wonderful products? The reason we're spilling the beans is because our intrepid product scouts have just returned with Khet, an ingenious board game that can only have been created by a super-race of ancient Egyptian-style aliens. Either that or our staff teleported into a terrestrial toy fair and placed an order (but that would be a bit boring, wouldn't it?).


    Frickin' lasers!

    Khet is one of the most innovative two-player board games we've ever seen, primarily because it utilises a pair of class I lasers. No, really! The idea is to take it in turns trying to illuminate your opponent's Pharaoh by strategically positioning mirrored playing pieces around the board and activating your laser beam after each go.


    (l-r) Pharaoh, Djed, Obelisk, Pyramid

    Allow us to elaborate: each player has an assortment of pieces, including Djeds, Pyramids and Obelisks. These pieces either reflect the laser or block it (or both, depending on which side is hit). A turn involves moving a piece one square in any direction or rotating it 90 degrees.


    It's Hieroglyphic!

    Playing Khet isn't rocket science, but there is a science to it because your laser always bounces off the mirrors at 90 degrees. Something to do with angles of reflection being equal to angles of incidence. Whatever. The point is you need to pre-plot your laser's route in order to vaporize your opponent's Pharaoh.

    It may sound trickier than unravelling a mummy in the dark, but Khet is actually a doddle to pick up and it's seriously addictive to boot. You'll be hooked faster than you can say Nefertiti. Now if you'll excuse us we're off to fry a few more Pharaohs. Ra!

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