Khet 2.0
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Khet 2.0

Hit me with those laser beams

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    Lasers on the board

    Lasers... mwha-ha-ha!

    The last time our product scouts ventured through the Stargate-style wormhole beneath Firebox HQ, they came back with the Egyptian-themed laser boardgame Khet (as well as some terrible emotional scars). As it happens, Khet was such a huge success that we soon bundled them through the wormhole again and, wouldn’t you know it, they came back with a sequel!

    Just like its predecessor, Khet 2.0 is a two-person board game that deftly combines the strategy of chess with all the fun of lasers.


    Push down the Pharoahs' head

    The object of the game is to zap your opponent’s Pharaoh by bouncing a laser off strategically-placed mirrored pieces. In the previous version the laser was built into the board, but in Khet 2.0 it’s generated by a movable Sphinx piece. Not only does this add a whole new way to play the game, it also makes the set slimmer, lighter and more portable than before. Tactical zapping on the move? Ra!

    If all this is sounding more complicated than the plot of an exhausted TV spin-off series, don’t worry! With just a handful of different pieces and moves that can be made, Khet 2.0 is a doddle to pick up and will have you hooked faster than you can say Nefertiti.

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