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Keyring Corkscrew
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Keyring Corkscrew

Open up and say... glug!

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    For most of us a sealed bottle of wine is about as much use as a custard cardigan. Because unless you're a serious oenophile (wine anorak) the pleasure is in the drinking, not the thinking. Unfortunately, the most effective way to seal a bottle of wine is with a cork. And these springy little stoppers can be rather awkward to remove. That's why someone invented the corkscrew, a sharp spiral of metal that is simple, effective and incredibly practical.

    Keyring Corkscrew Sadly, most corkscrews are not particularly portable. Shove a regular one in your pocket en route to a soiree and you're liable to damage your assets before you've arrived or, if your slacks are particularly flimsy, get arrested for indecent exposure. For this very reason we've been on the lookout for a safe, non-cumbersome corkscrew that can be carried on your person at all times. And by the power of Bacchus we've found one!

    Keyring Corkscrew As its no-nonsense name suggests the ingenious Keyring Corkscrew is a corkscrew that fits on a keyring. What its name doesn't suggest, however, is how phenomenally chic and practical this sturdy little gizmo is. Indeed if Q were ever to issue 007 with a corkscrew (well, you never know) we feel certain he'd give him one of these (raise eyebrow and insert your own Bond-style double-entendre here; ours are all unprintable).

    Keyring Corkscrew's smart tubular design means that the aforementioned sharp spiral bit is concealed within a sleek metal sleeve that only opens up when you want it to. The entire shebang is incredibly compact and because it's also a keyring you'll never leave home without it (unless you forget your keys, in which case you'll be more concerned about getting back in the house, not showing everyone your miniature hardware and opening bottles of plonk).

    Keyring Corkscrew

    Just think, with a Keyring Corkscrew you'll be the hero of every party, picnic and vino-related bash in town, because the host's corkscrew always goes AWOL at some point. Better still, if you ever find yourself shipwrecked on a remote tropical island with a few cases of Pinot Noir, you won't have to quench your thirst with salty seawater. You can just relax, crack open a couple of bottles and wait to be rescued by a boatload of Z-list celebrities. Bottoms up!

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