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    These days you can dangle almost anything off your keyring - from collectible toys and bottle openers to high-powered lighters and miniaturised board games. (Just type 'key' into the search window on the left if you don't believe us). But much as we love ingenious key-related gadgets, the primary function of a keyring is to hold your keys. And the primary function of your keys is to open your door.

    Keylight But that's easier said than done when it's 4am and pitch black. Especially if you've just returned from a lock-in at the local boozer. Because for some unfathomable reason the human brain can't seem to locate door locks in the dark. You know where the pesky thing should be; in fact, you know exactly where it is. And yet it usually takes ten minutes of fumbling before you can find it, shove your key in, open up and step inside to snuggle up to your lukewarm kebab.

    Keylight Of course you could always take a torch out with you, but nightclub bouncers are likely to raise more than a monobrow if they feel a flippin' great flashlight down your trousers.

    Keylight This is why the nifty Keylight is such a smart idea. This neat little triangular fob produces an ultra-bright beam of brilliant blue light that can be seen up to a mile away. So as well as allowing you to see exactly where you're putting your key (even if your arms are unfeasibly long), the Keylight also acts as a handy emergency signalling device. And if you're one of those idiots, sorry, music lovers who likes holding their lighter aloft during power ballads, the Keylight will save you a fortune in lighter fluid. Probably.

    Keylight The durable, sub-pocket-sized Keylight snaps handily onto any keyring and is an invaluable companion on dark winter evenings. Best of all you'll never forget to take it out with you - unless of course you forget to take your keys, in which case the Keylight is of no use anyway. Brilliant, eh

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