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Keyboard Money Boxes
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Keyboard Money Boxes

The key to riches

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    They say that money makes the world go around - a shame because most of us are rubbish at saving it. But these days every penny counts, so it makes sense to collect every coin you possibly can.

    Keyboard Money boxes But where do you store your spare shrapnel? In a biscuit tin? Nice idea but a bit old lady-ish. How about under the mattress? Forget that, it's bad for the back. Well there's always the bank. True, but depositing coins over the counter is a bit like wearing a badge saying 'I'm skint'. And trust us, nobody believes you're doing it for your gran. Like Bob Hope used to say: 'A bank is a place that will only lend you money if you can prove you don't need it.'

    Thankfully, as the advert says, there is another way. And it's terribly modern. Keyboard Money Boxes are stylish little plastic containers crafted to resemble two of computing's most popular keys: the £ key and the SAVE key.

    Keyboard Money boxes Perfect for desktop use, these chic piggy-banks-of-the-future will complement any surface and they're great for depositing loose change and storing petty cash. Better still, unlike old-fashioned kitsch containers, they allow you to save your wonga in one place without ruining the look of your home or office. And for anyone who thinks those naff, Dracula-grabs-the-coin-into-his-coffin gizmos are still hip, we've got a newsflash: they're not!

    Keyboard Money boxes Keyboard Money Boxes make great gifts for tight-wad tech-heads or anyone who loves computing. And that, dear web surfer, means you! So stop spending and start saving (just as soon as you've bought one of these).

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