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Key Buoy
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Key Buoy

What goes down must come up

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    Key Buoy

    Just an ordinary set of keys?

    So there you are about to start up your boat when whoops-a-daisy, you drop your keys in the water. Why it happened to us just the other day on the SS Firebox. Well okay, it didn't, but we can imagine what a pain it would be. Especially when your scantily-clad crew are watching your every move. On your private yacht. Moored in Monaco. Rubbing suntan loti...we digress. The point is losing your keys in the water is bad news in any scenario.

    And that's why the ingenious Key Buoy is such a life saver. Dubbed the ultimate key fob for boaters, this smart little gizmo is ideal for anyone who works or plays on water as it automatically inflates when it hits the wobbly wet stuff. Think of it as a mini-Hasselhoff, always on hand to rescue your keys.

    Key Buoy

    Key Buoy


    Easy to find

    Key Buoy

    The Firebox fish-tank challenge

    So how does it work, then? Well, the second the Key Buoy is surrounded by H2O it opens up, releasing an air tube (looks a bit like one of those party blower things) that inflates automatically. Within 30 seconds the whole shebang will rise to the surface with the 47cm air tube jutting out of the water, allowing you to spot, reach out and retrieve your keys. And there's no rush because the Key Buoy maintains buoyancy for 40 minutes.

    Capable of rescuing items weighing up to 120g, the Key Buoy is ideal for all manner of valuable objects, not just keys. Attach it to small tools, deck plate keys or anything else you don't want ending up in Davy Jones's locker.

    If you're a boating buff, a windsurfer, a cross-channel swimmer with a valuable key stuffed down your trunks (well you never know), if you simply enjoy messing about on the water, or want to impress your mates by watching their dumbstruck expressions as you casually lob your precious keys into the nearest stretch of the blue stuff, the Key Buoy is a must-have accessory. Who knows, you may never drop your valuables in the water. But you'll be furious if you do. And there's no rescuing a dinky little object once it falls in the big old briny. So avoid that sinking feeling and order your Key Buoy pronto. Keys ahoy!

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