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Key Bottle Opener
  • Key Bottle Opener

Key Bottle Opener

The key to happiness

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    "I'd rather have a frontal lobotomy instead of a bottle in front of me" as someone once said, or was it the other way round? Either way, they could've done worse than invest in one of these nifty little numbers.

    Straight from the fertile (i.e., twisted yet innovative) minds of design team Suck UK, this key-shaped bottle opener is the best example we've seen of a handy utility masquerading as... another handy utility.

    Key Bottle Opener Made from hardened satin nickel steel (which means it's very hard indeed), the key-shaped bottle opener allows for much party-time fun. Watch bemused expressions form as you brandish what looks like a house key over a beer bottle. Watch those expressions drop even further when you stylishly remove the unsuspecting bottle top. Pour beer and sit back smugly, revelling in your elevated social status. Well, we can't guarantee the latter, but this product manages to combine use-value with entertainment value, which can't be bad.

    It's so key-like, it even arrives on a ring, complete with a bright red Suck UK nylon tag. Plus, it fits perfectly into any handbag or breast pocket. You can put it on your usual bunch of keys and be prepared for anything. Move over the Swiss Army Knife ? the Key Bottle Opener cometh!

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